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Experience and Passion: The At Ease Hunting Difference

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Meet the Guides

Welcome to the heart of At Ease Hunting LLC, where our guides stand as the backbone of every memorable hunting expedition we offer. Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge, unmatched enthusiasm, and a deep respect for nature and wildlife, ensuring your hunting experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Our guides are more than just experts in the field; they are storytellers, conservationists, and companions on your journey into the outdoors of Central Wyoming. They have a passionate commitment to the ethical pursuit of big game. These professionals are here to make your hunt not only successful but truly unforgettable.

With At Ease Hunting, we're not just about the hunt; we're about creating lifelong memories, friendships, and a deeper appreciation for the great outdoors. Come, meet our guides, and see why At Ease Hunting LLC is the premier choice for hunters seeking the ultimate Wyoming hunting adventure.
Bridger Berry
At Ease Hunting | Professional Guide

I’m born and raised in Casper, Wyoming. I’ve been hunting as long as I can remember starting with birds and then hopping in the truck with my dad for antelope. Then getting to the age go on elk and deer hunts with him before I could hunt myself.

Apart from the obvious excitement of hunting season chasing critters, getting to be out in the prairie and mountains and separate from the everyday world and enjoying what Wyoming’s landscape has to offer  is what I love most about guiding and hunting.

I also run a backcountry weed spraying crew for the county so getting to spend April through December out and about in the country is something that I will never get tired of.

Chad Keller
At Ease Hunting | Professional Guide

I am 34 years old and the outdoors has been my passion since my dad could fit me in a backpack. I have spent a lot of time hunting and exploring many of the western states. I love the places hunting takes me, as much as the animals I get to pursue. Being able to share this love through guiding is a privilege I get to enjoy through At Ease Hunting.

Colter Adams
At Ease Hunting | Professional Guide

I'm Colter. Born and raised in Wyoming hunting world. Fishing, trapping, hunting, and anything of the sort are my passion. I enjoy true friends, family, and live life to the fullest with them. Life is short so let's go have fun..

Garth Ginder
At Ease Hunting | Professional Guide

I was born and raised in Wyoming, growing up in my dad’s taxidermy shop and living the outdoor life. I started hunting, shooting, and fishing since I was able to hold a rifle or fishing rod. I live here now with my wife and two kids, trying to bring them up in a similar fashion. When I’m not hunting I like to fish, hike, and camp. Working for At Ease, I get to help people experience what the western outdoor life is about.

Travis Johnson
At Ease Hunting | Professional Guide

I am a 47 year old avid outdoorsman, hiker , hunter, mountaineer and Navy Veteran.
The mountains are where I love to be. Besides hunting and guiding, my family and I spend as much time camping, backpacking, hiking and exploring the backcountry and high mountain peaks as we can.  
I have been hunting most of my life starting at an early age going on trips with my Dad and Uncle.  Both are Avid big game hunters.  
I love spending time guiding other hunters sharing lifelong experiences and camaraderie as well as passion wildlife conservation and the great outdoors.

Wes Keyser
At Ease Hunting | Professional Guide

I am a 34 year old Wyoming Native that was raised in Encampment. I have a passion for the mountains and western wildlife. I have been hunting for as long as I can remember all over the Rockies. Outside of hunting, I enjoy spending time at our cabin with my wife, where exploring the Snowies on my motorcycle and snowmobile are frequent activities. As a professional fireman, my schedule allows me to guide and spend time doing activities in the mountains that I enjoy.

ZaC Mathson
At Ease Hunting | Professional Guide

As a 29 year old native of Wyoming, there is nothing I enjoy more than being in the mountains. I grew up hunting, fishing and snowmobiling and have been lucky enough to continue my hobbies and turn them into opportunities to help others become passionate about them as well. The best part of guiding  for me is spending time outside and getting to know so many awesome people!

Zane Mathson
At Ease Hunting | Professional Guide

I am 33 years old and have lived in Wyoming my whole life. I am married with a four year old little girl and one year old boy. I have been hunting big game since I was twelve, but have been around hunting as long as I can remember. When I am not hunting in the fall, I am snowmobiling in the winter and shed hunting in the spring. The mountains are like my second home. When I am not guiding, I work for my Dad's company Ram Insulation spraying foam. There is nothing better than being in the hills, and that's why I love being a guide.

Dusty Reed
At Ease Hunting | Professional Guide

Hello I’m Dusty.  Hunting and Fishing has been the constant in my life since I was little.  Growing up in the Midwest and shooting my first quail sparked a fire in me that hasn’t gone out in 36 years.  From shooting my first deer off my Dad’s shoulder to traveling the world hunting, it all excites me.  I’ve developed a passion that I couldn’t think could be improved until I started guiding fly fishing around 10 years ago.  Helping others achieve that same feeling and getting to share in that moment has only made my love for the outdoors grow stronger.

After high school I spent 8 years in the Navy traveling the world- mainly focused on anti-piracy off the Horn of Africa.  It was the best decision in my life to join.

I’ve called Wyoming home the past 15 years and have been privileged enough to explore many parts of our wonderful state.  I look forward to being a small spark in your hunting stories for years to come!