The accommodations in this modern home are above and beyond bringing the 5-star experience to the hunting industry.
Located just a short drive from most of our hunting areas, this modern home is the perfect option for families or groups. Enjoy the luxurious accommodations with a view. This home is capable of sleeping up to 10 people. This home is great for a successful party application draw. Includes all meals, transportation to and from airport, your choice of beverages, and will accommodate any food allergies.

LODGE HUNT Packages Pricing

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The luxurious home is located on the west end of Casper. Most areas a short 45 minute to an hour and a half drive. Once hunters are checked in and have arrived at the home, they will be introduced to their guide/guides. The hunters will be loading into the guides trucks for the hunting days rather than using their own like they would have if they have drove in from location. The guides will have coolers full of water, and Gatorade type drinks. Also, guides will have bagged lunches that the hunters and guides have prepared the night before, or the morning of the next day’s hunt. These lunches will be made from groceries that have been stocked into the home previously by the outfitter.  An example of the lunches will be things like sandwich fixings, chips, granola bars, jerky, etc. The guides will inform the hunters if they need to put them in their pack if they’ll be away from the vehicle for an extended amount of time. At Ease Hunting guides will each have a first aid kit in their vehicles and a smaller kit in their packs. There will also be a large kit in the home as well. 

Early Success Option

In the event a hunter at any time is successful, they are welcome to stay for the entire duration of their hunt. This is what each guest at At Ease Hunting has booked, and it is their time. We offer sightseeing tours, some varmint hunts, and other outdoor options to make the rest of the stay an adventure. In some cases, hunters may pick up meat and leave early. Changing flights is up to the hunter but will be relayed to the outfitter of changes to handle shuttles.

Can I combine hunts?

In each of these packages the hunters are able to make this a combo hunt. Add an Antelope to a Deer or Elk hunt for an additional $1,750.00 And add a deer to an elk hunt for $2,250.

Other Pricing Info:

This is a call before booking situation as space is limited and may not be available for all seasons or times due to other bookings. An age requirement of 12 years old will be in place.
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Cancellation, Deposit and Refund Policy
All hunts require a 50% deposit at booking, with the balance due upon arrival.
Cancellations must be made one month prior to the start of hunting season.
In the Event of a Cancellation

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