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Prior to any hunt, the preparation is the biggest key to a successful and safe hunt. At Ease Hunting takes pride in the amount of scouting time that goes in for each and every area of operation.

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BASE HUNT Packages

Our Town Hunt Package is our most affordable package! This enables the hunter to handle lodging and dinners on their own. With our recommendations of lodging and great dining around Casper, enjoy the “do it yourself” aspect that many hunters from around the world enjoy.


Located just a short drive from most of our hunting areas, this modern home is the perfect option for families or groups. Enjoy the luxurious accommodations with a view. This home is capable of sleeping up to 10 people. This home is great for a successful party application draw. Includes all meals, transportation to and from airport, your choice of beverages, and will accommodate any food allergies.
No hidden charges or trophy fees.
Prices quoted are per hunter.
License fees and tags are NOT included in hunt price.
Cancellation, Deposit and Refund Policy
All hunts require a 50% deposit at booking, with the balance due upon arrival.
Cancellations must be made one month prior to the start of hunting season.
In the Event of a Cancellation


If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch.

How do preference points work?

Here is an excellent explaination from the wyoming game and fish.
Do you have any private property access?
Yes, antelope area 48, deer area ,70 and elk area 16 I have some private access.
What is your favorite big game animal to hunt?
I don’t have a favorite. Each animal has a greatness in the hunt. From bugling bull elk to a doe antelope hunt. Every hunt is so different and exciting.
Do you do archery hunts?
Absolutely! Archery is on of the finest ways to hunt all animals. But this also take practice. Make sure you have been shooting a bunch and are comfortable shooting in different positions prior to arriving.
Can I combine hunts?
In each of these packages the hunters are able to make this a combo hunt. Add an Antelope to a Deer or Elk hunt for an additional $1,750.00 And add a deer to an elk hunt for $2,250.

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If I don't answer right away it's possible I'm scoutinG. I will call back when I get into town.

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