For the hunters that would like to have more of a camp setting, we offer the hunt camp package.
Our Hunt Camp locations vary on area but are located on private lands.
We utilize a camper to keep from the elements.
This is a great package for the hunter who wants to be in the field. Waking up in your hunting area is a benefit! Food and beverages provided
Our Hunt Camp Package is 1x1 or 1x2 guide to guest hunts. Our hunters will experience the camping life in a beautiful location located in their hunting area.

Capable of meeting all dietary needs, The Branding Iron will pre-cook and prepare meals for hunters throughout the season. Each evening the guide will follow heating/cooking instructions with the stove located in the camper. All lunches are bagged lunches that are prepared the night before each day, or the morning of the hunt. Next, they are loaded in coolers along with water and Gatorade for the day. The guides will instruct the hunters if these need to be loaded in packs for the day.
The Camp package is limited to no more than 2 groups hunting in the same area. 
The Branding Iron located in downtown Casper provides delicious meals for breakfast and dinner. With our camper hookups and a freezer, these meals will be premade and prepared each day.
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We offer 3 different pricing packages
6 - day guided hunt
3 - day guided hunt
6 - day guided hunt
3 - day guided hunt
$2,750 - $2,995
3-5 - day guided hunt
per day basis
per day
per day
per day
3 - day guided hunt
10 - day guided hunt
camp only
contact for PRICING
camp only

More Details

Early Success Option

In the event a hunter at any time is successful, they are welcome to stay for the entire duration of their hunt. This is what each guest at At Ease Hunting has booked, and it is their time. We offer sightseeing tours, some varmint hunts, and other outdoor options to make the rest of the stay an adventure. In some cases, hunters may pick up meat and leave early. Changing flights is up to the hunter but will be relayed to the outfitter of changes to handle shuttles.

Can I combine hunts?

In each of these packages the hunters are able to make this a combo hunt. Add an Antelope to a Deer or Elk hunt for an additional $1,750.00 And add a deer to an elk hunt for $2,250.

Other Pricing Info:

This is a call before booking situation as space is limited and may not be available for all seasons or times due to other bookings. An age requirement of 12 years old will be in place.

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